All electrical and electronic equipment or their parts, either not performing their tasks or not used anymore, are convicted to be disposed. Other reasons are consisting on the unavailability of some spare parts in stock or the high expenses of the reparation process when compared to the equipment itself. Therefore, RecycloBekia collects electronic scrap from companies, organizations, workshops…etc and even from individuals.

Sorting/ Dismantling

Inside RecycloBekia warehouse, our employees have the know-how of sorting the recyclable and resalable items using sophisticated modern equipment. Resalable items will be refurbished to be sold in the local market, while recyclable items will be dismantled "Manually" based on the demanufacturing of the e-waste equipment, the security of your data " in cooperation with infofort " and the sorting of the fractions stemming from the e-waste.

The sorting process is very important because it permits to separate each type of products for obtaining the best quality of recycling treatment and also to improve our logistical system for the transportation of e-scrap products for shredding, smelting and refining.


Our employees have the know-how for packaging well the e-scrap with the best techniques for optimizing the transportation of your e-scrap products.


To close the recycling chain, we complete the refining process with our partners in Europe and Asia, they provide recycling recovery and refine precious and non-ferrous metal from electronic scraps utilizing high-tech laboratory, e-scrap, water and air treatment equipment, and therefore, reduce the harmful impact on the environment.